Take Action

1. Share this Story

Please like us on Facebooktweet about these issues or direct your friends to this page to spread awareness of these issues. Also, please help us bring attention to the issue of land dispossession by sharing your story. Land dispossession happens all over the world and we want to hear how it has affected your life. For example, in the United states after the 2008 financial crisis many homes were foreclosed on and people were forced from their homes. We want to help people realize this is a worldwide problem. Go to our Facebook page and share your story and photos with us.

2. Donate

Your contributions will go toward raising awareness about land injustice in South Africa. Any donation you make is tax deductible.
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3. Host a screening

Contact us if you would like to host a screening of this film. We will send you an action kit containing the following:

  • Discussion guide: This guide will give an introduction to the film, questions for discussion following the film and action steps that can be taken by the viewers of the film
  • Hosting guide: This guide will give the host an explanation of how to organize the event, sample invitations to send for the event, sample fliers to post and more.
  • A copy of the film

4. Educate youth

Using the documentary as the backdrop, DISC has created a curriculum that explores how land injustice in South Africa relates to the many injustices youth have witnessed in their own communities. The primary goal of the curriculum is to create awareness of the interconnectedness of struggles for social justice around the world. Students will leave the course with an increased global awareness, understanding of the structural foundations of injustice, and an introduction to property rights.

Download Curriculum

Please contact batuahene@kentlaw.iit.edu if you are interested in hosting a screening.